AIRA Enterprises Inc., in business since 1957, is a distributor of industrial commodities and containers. Our 100,000 square feet facilities in the Chicagoland area carry a wide selection of inventory. Gaylord boxes, liners, pallets, drums, oil absorbents, sweeping compounds, rags and salts are our specialties.

How we got our start

Who or what is an AIRA? How did the name come to be?

Clarence Svehla, our president, was on his way to the city clerks office to obtain a business license, and register a business name—except he didn't have one. He wanted something at the front of the phone book—the name had to start with an "A." So, he looked up and pulled the name right out of the sky—AIR-A.

A word about shipping

Material is available for pickup at our Bedford Park location, or for a nominal charge, our house carrier, Gus Motor Service, Inc., makes our deliveries within a 60 mile radius of Chicago. For regional deliveries, we use many brokers to keep your shipping costs down.

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